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At Live Well. Finish Strong. The goal is to improve a client’s fitness and performance. With a strong understanding of principles in Exercise Physiology, Nutrition, Biomechanics and Core Stabilization, Bree coaches clients to achieve their maximum fitness potential.

Bree currently offers private training sessions to at-home and studio clientele throughout the South (San Francisco) Bay Area. For more information about personal training or performance coaching contact

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I first spoke to Rob on the Friday before the “big” race. It was a brief encounter. He was leaving the prerace briefing and I yelled out to him as he was making his way across the parking lot in Squaw Valley. He was very cordial and politely declined my invitation to interview him. Instead he agreed to speak with me afterthe race, at the finish line. I understood his need to block out all distractions and focus on what he was about to do. The next day, I saw Rob at the start and later at Foresthill, mile 62.

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by Leigh Schmitt You’ve heard it before… the world’s best burger, the world’s best cup of coffee, or even the world’s best luxury automobile. One might scoff at the claims, debate them, or even question the source. And who’s to judge – the government, Big Brother, some obscure think tank in the Middle America, an […]

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As I head into my 7th season of ultra racing I decided to start 2012 off differently. I’m making a decision to share my journal of racing experiences. So with this New Year I think it only appropriate to kick off by reporting about a race that really surprised me. There are many ultra races […]

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