“I’m a life-long educator whose been blessed with a fulfilling life.”

Steve Corelis is a man on a mission. A fitness mission. He’s probably one of the fittest 65 year-old vegetarians I know.  I’ve been working with “Mr. Steve” as he’s fondly called for over two years now. When we first began our fitness adventures, he suffered from considerable back pain. I mentioned that he could improve his back health with specific functional and core resistance work. Part of me thinks he was skeptical of my training methods and didn’t know if I could really help him. But now he’ll tell you, “ A back that I used to  “baby” is stronger and no longer a concern.  Along with that I have improved my balance and overall endurance.”

We have been working together for some time now.  He impresses several folks at “Ray’s Built Tuff Gym” (where we train) every time I run him through one of my famous obstacle courses.  Steve will tell you that living an active lifestyle with a fitness focus has improved his confidence. “The knowledge that I am doing something positive for both my physical and mental health; the interaction with Bree and the other wonderful individuals I have met at the gym, all come together to create a positive, rewarding and enjoyable experience.”

One of  Mr. Steve’s fitness goals when we began working together was to get back in the saddle. His “bike” saddle that is! He envisioned himself riding 100 miles. Well, I’ll tell you what…he accomplished that goal last summer.

Mr. Steve (far right) with TNT cycling buddies.

He rode 100 miles around Lake Tahoe with a group from Team in Training.

He said, ” It felt great.”

I am an active person and I want to be fit enough to stay active: I hate sitting around!  I also don’t want to loose the sense of well-being and accomplishment.  Plus, I really, really, like looking and feeling good about myself.”

While some folks might find exercising a struggle to fit in on a regular basis, Mr. Steve sees it another way. He says, “I don’t think it is about the struggle- the struggle to get up and go to the gym, the struggle to stay focused on the exercises, the struggle to get past the soreness after you exercise is all part of it. I recommend only thinking about the positive. If it wasn’t a bit of a struggle I don’t think I’d value it as much.”

That’s what fitness is about…value. It’s a value of yourself and commitment to taking care of your whole self. It’s all part of my motto to “LIVE WELL and FINISH STRONG. ”

Mr. Steve is doing  just that!