Fitness Training

Every body has a weak link. It’s important to identify those areas and improve the fitness and mechanics of those links. Each program is designed to progress a client through a 3-month cycle of beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels of training.

Performance Coaching

With over 20 years of endurance training experience and a strong understanding of Exercise Physiology/Nutrition, Bree can help you layout the framework for running a successful event.


I am a mother, business woman and athlete. I have been actively pursuing a lifestyle of fitness since my late teens.
My endurance career first started when I registered for a olympic distance triathlon at 21. .

Tahoe Rim 100

Three-Time 100 Mile Women’s National Trail Champion

2016 USATF Female Masters

Ultra Runner of the Year (Mountain Division)

Tahoe Rim 100

Three-Time 100 mile Women’s National Trail Champion

2016 USATF Female Masters

Ultra Runner of the Year (Mountain Division)

50 Mile National Trail Championship

2014 USATF First Female Division Winner

2016 USATF 50km

Female Masters Trail Champion

Masters Grand Prix Series

2013 PA USATF Female Masters Grand Prix Series Ultra Champion


Molly Cuevas


I worked with Bree for about a year and it was such a positive experience! I came to her with a goal of wanting to run across the country all while having virtually zero running background. While that goal might have been intimidating for some, she never showed any signs of doubt, and was positive from the beginning. She worked with me to build a solid foundation and then some; I was able to successfully get faster and stronger without any injury because of her attention to detail of where I was mentally and physically each week.

Bree is knowledgeable, informative, and invests the time to get to know each of her clients- she cares. I made it across the country in my goal time of 90 days and it was definitely with the help of Bree’s coaching- giving me the running legs and body I needed to make it.

Stephen Strauss

San Jose , CA

Yesterday at a session with my coach, she had me do some short relaxed runs out and back about 25 yards.  First time she just had me run like I normally do and she pointed out that I need to get those knees up.  She said try again and this time cross your arms across your chest then run back with your arms down.  Going out with arms crossed I noticed I seem to be twisting my upper body slightly to the right.  She said try it again with your arms crossed both out and back and concentrate on form. 

This time I went out and noticed right away that I had lots of power and good form on my left side, but the right side especially my right Glut had no power at all, just lagging, felt like having a flat tire.  I told the coach I’ve got a flat tire and explained what I meant.  Found the right glut was weak and my arms and the rest of my right side and leg was trying to compensate for it.

It was literally like driving a car with a tire going down.  I would never have figured this out without a coach. Now I have a weak area to focus on and get working, and the value of having a great coach. Thanks coach Bree Lambert Sanders