Fourmidable Bree

Every body has a weak link. It’s important to identify those areas and improve the fitness and mechanics of those links.

Each program is designed to progress a client through a 3-month cycle of beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels of training.

Upon initial visit the following will be assessed:

Strength, Flexibility and Cardio Fitness

Evaluate Health History/Injuries

Discuss Nutritional Component of your Training Plan

All programs are designed to challenge your cardio fitness, strengthen your core, and improve your biomechanics to enhance performance.

The goal is to achieve a well conditioned , healthier YOU inside and out!


  • Group and Duo Session Rates available upon request
  • All sessions will take place at an indoor training facility (Left Coast Fitness In San Jose) unless noted otherwise
  • All booked sessions must be paid for at the beginning of each month
  • No refunds for missed sessions, only makeup sessions within 30 days
  • 24-hour cancellation notice is required for a makeup session to apply



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