Tahoe Rim Trail 100mile

2018 Tahoe Rim Trail 100mile-First Female

Okay , so I have been a bit delayed in my blog posts. Call it lazy, or call it busy or perhaps a bit of both. Nonetheless, I have decided to make a concerted effort to blog more frequently this year.

Why not. I have stuff to say, right?!!

There is a lot that goes on in my world and sometimes I forget that maybe… just maybe there are  folks out there who might get something out of what I have to say.  So with that I just want to say, “Happy New Year!” Please feel free to comment on anything and everything I write about. It helps me know what matters to you and what you want to know more about.

In case you are wondering I will be running a number of ultra races this year:

  • FOURmidable 50k- February 16 (this is a replacement race for Sean O’Brien that was cancelled due to the fire.
  • Broken Arrow Skyrace -June 23
  • Tahoe Rim Trail 100mile -July 20

( Marin Ultra Challenge, Ohlone, Silver State, Wasatch 100 – additional pending races)

         My 2019 Athlete Sponsor Lineup:

Balega Socks- #balegabestsockever

rabbit- #runinrabbit

HoneyStinger- #stingorbeestung

Amino Vital- #stayVital

UltrAspire- #inspiredbyathletes

Julbo Eyewear- #julbo #mountainvision

Vespa Power/OFM-#vespapower

These are quality brands that provide excellent gear and apparel I believe in. Throughout the year I will be shooting out discount codes/special gear ideas that will help you (as they do me) be a better athlete this season.  🙂

I am actively posting on IG @catchthebreez and on my FB athlete page/ Bree Lambert-Sanders. Give me a follow or a like if you are interested in keeping up on my ultra running life. I am entering  my 14th season so I know a thing or two about the sport.

Have an amazing 2019! Do something this year that stretches you a bit more than last year. Something that you can check off your bucket list or just be proud you accomplished.


LWFS Athletes at PCTR Rodeo Beach Trail Event

I look forward to hearing from you.

#catchthebreez #livewellfinishstrong