I decided to get back on a health journey because I am turning 50 this year! I was over weight, in antidepressants and anxiety medication, not eating right and having back pain. I was tired all the time! Not only did I hit 150 lbs but I was sleeping my life away!

I didn’t like myself very much and I was tired of coming up with excuses as to why I looked and felt the way I did! So I took the leap one day and said…enough! I was spiraling out of control.

I met Bree and the rest was history! Starting my journey in May, I quit all my meds, started eating healthy, and exercised everyday. There were many days that I found myself frustrated and wanting to quit but I knew I had to stick to it!

Now I am 14 lbs lighter!!! I am continuing to lose the weight and firming up in the process! I no longer have back pain. I have way more energy and do not need the sleep I once did. I actually feel happier than when I was on my meds! I love me now!! Not because of the transformation itself but because of the determination it took me to get where I am. It was all worth it and I will continue on this journey day by day!

Thank you Bree for the support and lifting me up to get here!! Every woman should have that backing them during this process!