Ask An Expert

“You have to be willing to allow someone else to peel back the layers”
-Bree Lambert

Achieving personal milestones of accomplishment and ascending to the next level is a thrill, and we have all felt it. Someone who understands this feeling as much as anyone I have ever spoke with is Bree Lambert, during our conversation she offers me her professional insight into the world of fitness, her passion for running, and the importance of quality coaching.

Bree is the definition of a jack of all trades. Bree is a personal trainer, running coach, nutritionist, and ultra runner on top of being a wife, mother and competitive athlete. With a collection of impressive wins under her belt that she achieved throughout the years, the prestigious title of 2016 USA Track and Field Female Masters Mountain Ultrarunner of the Year (Pacific Division), and earning the USATF Female Masters National 50km Trail Championship in the same year, it is safe to say Bree is a force to be reckoned with.

What made you decide to pursue coaching?

Bree: I have this desire to help people who are on a journey to achieve higher fitness goals, and better overall health. Because of my understanding of nutrition and wellness in general I just really want to be able to share that with other people.

What areas of coaching do you cover and what exactly do certain ones do?

Bree: I cover a few specific areas of coaching including: 

  • Runner Coaching
  • Fitness Coaching
  • Lifestyle Coaching
  • Nutritional Coaching
  • Wellness Coaching

I have business professionals I coach with so much stress from work and travel; they struggle to find the balance they desire. I work with these clients to help provide the necessary physical exercise and perspective to live in a more balanced way. 

From nutritional guidance to overall wellness coaching, I provide insight to ensure each of my clients can achieve their goals. 

For those looking to run their first marathon or looking to achieve their personal best time, I provide full performance run coaching including a custom training plan. 

No matter the type of coaching provided, my motivation is helping my clients achieve their specific goals. Whether it’s better overall health or reaching a specific fitness goal, I am here to help you live a fulfilling life.

Is there a specific place to start with coaching?

Bree: You know, it really is interesting because a lot of people have a different view on where to start, and it typically is always a little different than my view. I don’t think people, in general, are willing to peel back the layers to the degree that I have them look at. I love when people are ambitious and come to me with goals but I also like to be realistic to get them started on the road to a successful journey. 

I like to start a little smaller and progress through the stages, I think oftentimes we tend to think we know what is best but a benefit of having a coach is to be able to take a step back and look at your history and all of these other areas that you might not be willing to look into at first, and then use a more realistic perspective of what your ultimate goal is.

What are some other benefits to having a coach?

Bree: To answer this question it helps to understand that different people have different views on coaching. And it is something that can be oversimplified by people who don’t necessarily understand the process behind it. 

In many aspects of life, the most successful people have mentors. When you can find a coach with experience and expertise in the field you want to progress in, that’s invaluable. 

For a runner no matter what level you are at, you ultimately need somebody who truly understands how you can get the most out of your body and how to change your body. 

You may know what is best for your body but you may not know how to improve it. I really believe as a coach that truly is my job. If what you are doing isn’t working you need to be willing to change it. When you do make changes, you are going to see improvement.

Does coaching an advance level runner vs an entry level runner change the way you do your job?

Bree: It absolutely does. 

When you are training an entry-level person the fitness bump that happens is going to be much more apparent. Even medium to intermediate level runners are going to experience a very noticeable fitness bump. 

For an advance level runner, seeing that fitness bump takes more work. It takes greater understanding and more tweaking to really deliver the desired result. People who are at an advanced level, in anything involving fitness, are performing at a much higher caliber and it takes longer to get those gains. 

It’s still a matter of discipline, dedication, and consistency. I believe when you are dealing with advanced level clients the coaching relationship becomes more critical.

What keeps you motivated to coach others on their fitness or running journey?

Bree: Me and my husband like to stay in sometimes and watch videos from the old days; the coaches from the ’60s and ’70s. I like to see how these amazing runners were being coached in the early days, so to speak, and compare that to what has changed and how much is the same. 

During one of these videos we saw a place in Iten, Kenya called the home of champions where world-class runners go to be coached the Kenyan way, in its raw and purest form. I absolutely love watching these runners who every day are absorbing their training and eating properly. Everything just comes together for them and their commitment to the sport is so obvious. 

I want to be able to keep that type of passion and commitment alive with my clients over here where there can be so many distractions. You know, the runners over there are Olympians, the best in the world. They are still being coached at the pinnacle of their career.

If there was one thing you wanted people without a coach to know about coaching what would that be?

Bree: I think you have to be willing to allow somebody else to peel back the layers of what you think is best and expose the areas you may be the weakest in. If you can trust the process, you can see the desired results. A coach is here to help you make the proper changes and turn you into the best athlete you can be.

Bree Lambert sounded so passionate and excited when discussing her career as a coach. In a previous blog, I listed some beginner tips for entry-level runners and after this conversation, I would add coaching to that list indefinitely. 

The benefits of having a coach from the most entry-level to the highest caliber of fitness are uncountable.