I have been working with Bree for the past eight months. Working with Bree has included her weekly online training plan, some one on one training sessions, and some runs together. I started working with Bree when I decided I wanted to do my first Ultra. Not only did she help me gain the fitness and strength to complete my first Ultra but I was also able to enjoy it 🙂 Because of the fitness gains I had made and confidence that I had built I continued working with Bree to complete a second Ultra and am now eyeing a third. For me what really sets Bree apart from other coaches is her ability to understand the dynamics of whats going on in my life and successfully adapt my training to those dynamics and still be successful in achieving my goals. I am a stay at home dad with three small children so this flexibility is super important to me and Bree more than delivered. In addition and probably most important to me, Bree has educated me on how to become stronger and more fit on my own while minimizing the risk of injury so many runners encounter. The knowledge I have obtained regarding training and nutrition is something that will benefit me for years to come.