Whether you run competitively or you run for fun, becoming a better trail runner requires the right coaching. There are differences between running on trails and running on a track. If you want to become a better trail runner, the tips in this article are for you.

6 Top Tips for Becoming a Better Trail Runner

1. Use Hills

Trails will have at least some type of elevation change. Using hills as a part of your training will help you become a better trail runner. Hills can help you become a stronger runner, in general.

As you learn how to properly run hills, you’ll be able to take the training to the ascending and descending portions of trails. Hill training is pretty simple, too. All you have to do is run up and down the same hill or find a hilly trail course you can run.

Of course, a little coaching on the right way to run up and down hills will help. If you’re not sure how to properly run hills, speak with your running coach before using hills in your training.

2. Remain Laser Focused

When you want to become a better trail runner, it will require the right focus. You have to focus on running when you’re on trails. It’s easier to zone out on roads since the surface doesn’t change as much.

Trail running requires constant focus. Practice your focus and learn how to keep your eyes down on the terrain under your feet. Always look a few feet ahead to scan for hazards and terrain changes.

3. Use Core and Strength Training

Trail running will use more of your body strength than track or road running. It will take more overall body strength since you will see the terrain change quite a bit.

Using core and strength training will allow you to become a better runner on the trails. you want to work on total-body conditioning a few times a week. Focus on balance, as well. If you can develop strong knees, ankles, and hips, you can become a better trail runner.

4. Practice

Better Trail Runner

Trail running takes practice. You want to practice often on trails to get better at off-road running. When you run on different types of trails, you’ll become better at this type of running.

5. Make sure to Fuel Up

Trail runners need to pay attention to their nutrition, too. You might need to carry something with you since it may take a little while to get back to your car or home before you can eat again.

6. Stay Hydrated

Just like with eating, you will need to stay hydrated. Remember, the right hydration can make or break your run. Carry a pack with some water, fuel, and your phone at all times on the trails.

With the right tips for trail running, you can become a better trail runner. It will take time and practice, but using these tips will help you develop into a stronger runner on the trails.