Resistance training provides a great way to increase muscle strength and offers many benefits. Running Pods by Egg Weights offer an excellent way to incorporate running with resistance training.

As a runner, most of your training will include running. However, it’s important to find other ways to train your body and your muscles

Let’s look at some of the benefits of resistance training, along with why you should use Running Pods as a part of your training.

Top 5 Benefits of Resistance Training

Running Pods by Egg Weights

1. Better Muscle Strength

Resistance training with Egg Weights helps to improve muscle strength. As a runner, resistance training allows you to run faster and further during competition.

Improved muscle strength can also help to protect your joints from injury. Since the muscles will be stronger around the joints, you won’t have to worry as much about getting sidelined with an injury.

2. Increased the Muscle-to-Fat Ratio

Using resistance training gives you the ability to gain muscle as you burn more fat from your body. This means more of your mass can be used for the activity of running and you’ll be carrying less weight.

3. More Efficient Running

When you use resistance training, you’ll improve your running efficiency. This type of training helps to strengthen your core and can help give you better running form. If you’re a long-distance runner, this is especially important. Even a small improvement in running efficiency can make a big difference over several miles.

4. Reduction in Fatigue

Resistance training with Running Pods by Egg Weights helps your body handle running stress better. You won’t become fatigued as quickly and you’ll be able to push through the wall during the later stages of a long race.

5. Running Becomes Easier

One of the best benefits of resistance training for runners is running actually becomes easier. You’ll struggle less and your leg muscles will gain more endurance, which means you’ll get to enjoy running more.

Why Egg Weights are Great for Runners

A powerful training tool for runners, Running Pods by Egg Weights are designed to help make you a better runner. The design of the weights will help to improve your running mechanics since they conform to the natural running motion of your body.

Running Pods help connect your arms, core, and legs, unlike other running tools. You’ll be able to increase the intensity of your training while gaining better efficiency. Some of the benefits of Egg Weights include:

  • More intense arm drive
  • Burn more calories during training
  • Helps correct poor running form
  • Increases your heart rate
  • Works your core muscles

Running Pods by Egg Weights help you gain better speed, more focus and help you become a better overall runner. If one of your goals for this year is to become a better runner or finish a longer race than ever before in your life, resistance training with Egg Weights offers a way to reach your goal.

With a design specifically for runners, Running Pods by Egg Weights are quickly becoming the go-to training product for serious runners. If you want more endurance, better muscle strength, and better running form, it’s time to start training with Running Pods.