It’s that time of year again. It’s time to figure out what your New Year’s resolutions will be. If you’re a runner, you might be choosing different options compared to the common choices, such as losing weight or getting in shape.

For runners, there are plenty of great New Year’s Resolutions to choose from. Let’s look at seven of the top choices you should consider this year.

1. Start Running Regularly

Maybe you’re an aspiring runner, but you’re not running regularly. Maybe you’ve fallen off the wagon and you haven’t been running as much due to the holidays.

Either way, you can choose to start running regularly as your New Year’s Resolution. This is a great choice, especially for runners looking to build up endurance or training for an upcoming event.

2. Race Further

Serious runners might lean towards a New Year’s Resolution pushing them to run further. instead of just running a 5K this year, shoot for a 15K or even a half-marathon. Push your goals further and run further in 2021.

3. Attempt a Triathlon

Have you always dreamed of finishing a triathlon? Maybe this is the year. You can make it your New Year’s Resolution and start training for a triathlon immediately. With the right running coach, you can achieve your goal of finishing a triathlon in 2021.

4. Win a Medal

New Year's Resolution for Runner

When you participate in events, you have the ability to win medals. Of course, if you finish, you will likely get something, maybe a t-shirt or a ribbon. Finisher t-shirts are fine, but winning a medal is a much bigger deal.

For 2021, you can choose this excellent New Year’s Resolution for runners. Train harder so you can win a medal for your age-group at one of your races this year.

5. Qualify for a Specific Marathon

Have you had your heart set on running the Boston Marathon or another big event? Maybe 2021 is the year you qualify and you get to run in one of the big-city marathons.

Make sure you know what’s necessary to qualify and when it has to be done by. If you’ve always wanted to run in a big-city marathon, make this your Runners New Year’s Resolution for 2021.

6. Finish a Trail Race

Trail Race

If you’ve never participated in a trail race, this could be your year. It’s a different style of running and requires a different type of fitness training. If this is your main goal for 2021, take the time to create a plan so you can achieve your goal of finishing a trail race.

7. Join a Running Club

Sometimes, the right running club can make a big difference. You’ll have accountability partners ready to help ensure you stay motivated to keep running all year long. If you struggle with motivation or you just can’t stick to a running schedule, joining a running club in 2021 is a great option.

Before the New Year begins, make sure you choose the right New Year’s Resolution for you. As a runner, setting goals is important. Make sure your resolution pushes you to achieve more and gets you out running more in 2021 than in years past.