Brian Boyer is a busy man. He’s a father, family man and hard working individual who made some decisions to improve his health and get fit. Here in his own words is his story of the changes he’s made and the goal he’s set out to run his first Ultramarathon in June 2013.


I am rapidly approaching 34 years old with my wife Jennifer and my two beautiful children, Samantha (4) and Benjamin (2). Going back to my high school days, I played football and ran track. With both sports, I was very successful being an all-state running back and league champion hurdler all four years. Then came college,  when  the wagon came apart and I fell out of shape. I got back into running 2 years ago (2011) just after I quit smoking and  topped out at 205 pounds. When I discovered trail running, I became hooked and wanted to get better which led the way to me meeting Ms. Bree Lambert. Just three months into her program, I am running like I never thought I would and have subsequently reached a weight of 174 pounds (I met Bree at 186 pounds).

Running Background: High school track Hurdles, 100m, 200m Grew up hating quarters

I started running trails about 6 months after I started running again in July 2011. My first trail run was at Santa Teresa Park, “which wasn’t fun”. If I hadn’t found New Almaden Trail at Almaden Quicksilver Park, I probably would have quit running trails following Santa Teresa. I’ve been hooked ever since.

My motivation to run an ultramarathon was just to do something different. Everybody and their mother can try a marathon, but an ultramarathon;  that’s another story. After I complete this run I want to be able to say that I pushed my body further than the 99% of what most people can do. With Bree’s coaching, my biggest areas of improvement have been overall strength and increasing my aerobic window. Both of those factors have allowed me to run faster, and longer.

I discovered Bree through my employer who has been seeing her for many years. I told him my interest in running and he told me about how his trainer runs 100 mile races. I “Googled” Bree afterwards and discovered that she was the real deal. Shortly thereafter, I did two sessions with Bree mainly just to make sure my running form was there and to get some ideas of different workouts I could do. Part of her philosophy that she explained to me was “quality vs. quantity” and with two kids and a never ending job, it sounded like I could still get better with my limited schedule. When I decided to do my first 50k, I knew I would need help and she was offering a great program. By far one of the best decisions I have ever made. FYI, I thought I was a lot closer to being able to do a 50k than I actually was.  I’ve come to learn that I am mentally stronger than I thought I was and that my body, if taken care of properly, can do more as well.

Brian photo

Favorite Workout?

  It is really tough to pick a favorite workout because with all of them I know I am getting something from them. I didn’t realize it during the first few weeks of the program, but after those first weeks things really started coming together. If I had to choose a favorite workout… I would choose either the track workouts (repeats and I get to pick Bree’s brain on a variety of topics) or the 1hr. 30 min. trail run where I push the hills and recover on the descents.

 Favorite Recovery Food?

If available, my favorite recovery foods are veggie tacos, lentil soup (only from Luigi’s) or pizza. Those are combined with a Pure Protein Chocolate Drink.

Advice to my Fellow Ultrarunners?

Before I met Bree, I pounded out lots of miles, but nothing was really getting any better. The lack of improvement was mentally draining and there were days when I’d be hesitant to hit the trails for the fear that I’d have another bad run. With Bree’s coaching plan, my base was built first, my strength doubled, my recovery time reduced and my time’s started dropping quickly all while running less weekly miles than prior. The key was quality of miles vs. quantity. Who knows where my running would be if it weren’t for Bree’s guidance.