Autumn is upon us and it’s a great season for running. With a fresh feeling, a crispness in the air, and plenty of surrounding beauty, the fall season is one of the best for runners to enjoy.

If you prefer to run outdoors, but you don’t care for the summer heat, it’s time to get back outside. Maybe you’ve been indoors all summer or stuck running early in the morning or late at night. Not anymore!

The fall season brings so many possibilities for runners. Let’s look at a few reasons why fall is a great season for running.

1. Jumpstart on New Goals

Once fall hits, many runners will decide to put off bigger goals until the New Year. It may not feel like an easy time to start a new routine or habit, but the fall season can be the best time to get started.

With kids headed back to school (in one way or another) and the heat of the summer in the past, autumn offers a great time to chase your running goals. Hit the reset button, get back to your daily or weekly runs, and start your new goals before the calendar flips.

2. Layers make Running Unique

During the summer, runners shed everything and wear as little as possible to beat the heat. When the fall season hits, it’s time to add those layers and enjoy running in different attire.

Choose from all kinds of fashionable attire, such as puffy running vests, long sleeve shirts, and leggings. If you enjoy the outfits made for runners, the fall season might be the perfect time for you.

3. Cooler Weather

Many runners prefer temperatures in the fall. The weather change makes it easier to get outside and run without dripping of sweat the entire time. You’ll also have the ability to run when you prefer; not just in the early morning or evening.

With cooler temperatures coming, it’s a great time to get outside and enjoy a fall run. Whether you prefer a trail run or just a run in your neighborhood, the weather will make it much easier without the hot sun glaring down on you.

4. Amazing Scenery

Of course, one of the best reasons to run in the fall is the scenery. Who can resist the beautiful red, orange, and yellow colors of the leaves changing?

While you might be tempted to take a few short breaks to enjoy colorful trees, the scenery will likely help you focus better. Even the air seems to smell better during the fall running season.

5. Earning Those Fall Treats

When the fall season rolls around many of us think about pumpkin pie, turkey, dark beer, pumpkin spice latte, caramel apples, and all kinds of other seasonal treats. Many of the best fall treats come with a high-calorie count, however.

If you’re trying to stay in shape, running during the fall gives you the ability to earn the occasional treat. You can indulge in a few of your seasonal favorites, as long as you’re burning the calories on your run.

There are many wonderful reasons why fall is such a great time of the year to get out and run. If you’re ready to start chasing new goals, don’t wait until January. Start now and enjoy the wonderful weather and beauty of the fall running season.