Over a year ago I met Molly Cuevas. She asked me to be her coach to prepare for a run across America.
Miles By Molly is a campaign she started with Challenged Athletes Foundation (CAF) to promote awareness for those with physical challenges.
Molly said, “I was fortunate enough to be born with full physical capabilities, and to be frank, I took it for granted up until a few years ago. Sports create a sense of confidence, community, inclusion and empowerment. I believe everyone deserves a chance to participate in such meaningful experiences.”
Last week I had the privilege of running and providing crew support as she launched her trek from Santa Monica, CA.
Here are some of my favorite pics during our time on the road.
If you want to follow her journey over the next 3 months/40miles a day;
As her coach and friend, I am very proud of not only the work she put in to reach the starting line, but the cause that motivates her to do it.
Go Molly!