Wasatch 100-Bree-Trail Sunrise40th Annual Wasatch Front 100 Mile Endurance Run lived up to its reputation of being a TOUGH race. The course is known as “one of the most unique and challenging events in the world”. It’s also defined as a race of adaptation, adversity and perseverance. I wholeheartedly agree with both of these statements. My race lasted 28.5 hours -Female 8 and 49th OA. In that time I saw two incredible sunrises and a sunset.

Wastach 100-Bree TrailThe journey from Kaysville, Utah to Soldier Hollow Park in Midway, Utah was a rollercoaster of power hiking, vertical descending, bushwhacking and near ankle busting rock sliding. The early rain kept the trail dust down and temps cooler than in previous years. ( Woohoo!) I made several new friends along the way. One being Clark Hershey who was going for his 10th Wasatch finish (he did it!). As the race progressed I was supported by my outstanding team – Jessica Welker, BrianBeckstead and Lauren Swigart. Their support and commitment to crew, pace and encourage day and night meant everything to me. I celebrate this first Wasatch finish with all of them. ❤️🧡💛

As my season winds down for the year I am grateful for the sponsors who have done so much to fuel this passion. Balega International- UltrAspire- Julbo Eyewear Vespa, Optimized Fat metabolism (OFM) amino VITAL- Rabbit My local running store -Running Revolution, Campbell and the guys Chris Schenone and Coach Ken🙏😘
Wasatch-100 Bree and Lauren
Wasatch 100-Bree Finish Line
Wasatch 100-Crew
Final words- thank you to the Wasatch RD John Grobben and all the volunteers who showed up to make this race possible. You loved your runners well.

This sea level ultra girl just might see you next year😄
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Wasatch 100-Bree and Jess

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